" Kiva is a simple concept  that can change a person's life." -Oprah Winfrey

At Watch Strap Club, we have committed ourselves two things above all else: creating a great product and making a positive impact on the world. Rather than separating these commitments, we have combined them into a single system. The way that we do this is, on the surface at least, fairly simple: we are producing top-quality watch straps and then using a dollar from every item we sell to combat hunger and poverty around the world via micro-lending.

Our micro-loans range in size from $25 to $500. While these numbers may seem small in the developed world, they have the potential to change lives. There are millions of potential entrepreneurs around the world, and loans of these sizes can create opportunities for them to get started on implementing their ideas and offering their talents to the world. What we are providing is not charity: it is a business arrangement for those who need it most.

We collaborate with Kiva, an organization that specializes in peer-to-peer micro-lending. Our goal is not to hand out money but to find people who want to work to create something better for themselves and then assist them as they get started. To learn more about this process, check out Kiva

We were inspired by Mission Belt, which is operating a similar micro-lending system with their line of fashionable and affordable belts. Companies like ours are making major strides toward ending hunger and poverty around the world, and your support is integral to our growth and success.

Together we can face down these scourges as we never have before. Real change is possible if we all do our part.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for checking us out.